Basic HTML Website (with Hosting)


$1,200.00 $880.00

This package is for setting up a standard website base off a provided template.

How it works

  1. Let us know your preferred domain name
  2. Choose 1 our of 3 templates provided
  3. You can provide pictures and contents to be replaced at the different part of the page
  4. Structure, Color, Font will remain unchanged as per how the template looks

What will you get

  • Website created in HTML + Deployed to hosting server
  • 1 year domain(.com only) with GoDaddy
  • RAW HTML Code files for website
  • Login Credentials to GoDaddy to manage domain and future renewal

What you need to know

  • You will need to provide the Logo / Content / Image to be used
  • You can make a total of 2x change request until project is closed
  • No refund will be provided




    Website is developed in raw HTML which means content can only be changable directly via the coding files. Though less flexible, website developed in this manner loads extremely fast as compared to Content Management System.

    Project will be fully handed over upon completion, for update / support matters, you can work things out directly with the me.




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